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Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since we last plugged the official DawnFire Realms Discord, so here I am to do it! We have a super-cool community Discord server! Come join us, it's where you'll find most of the players, and it's the easiest way to get in contact with offline staff members! Not to mention, you might make a friend or two!

Join our Discord here:

Discord Rules:

1. No swearing, unless it is in the NSFW channel.

2. No Abuse of any kind.

3. Do not use the Discord to Role-play, all role-play must be done in-game.

4. Please don't abuse the @everyone tag.

The same conditions as the server rules apply, the staff team reserves the right to change / add to these rules at any time without any warning.
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Welome to Vesperus!
That's right, we've finally finished preparations and development on Vesperus. Aw yeah.
Over the next few days, players with approved Whitelist Applications will be added to the whitelist and will be able to join at play.dawnfirerealms.net.
New players start at the rank of "Soul".

We expect all players to have read the rules before joining the server. We will aim to enforce these rules with vigilance through the "3 Strikes" system.

What is DawnFire Realms?

Here at DawnFire Realms we aim to provide a serious dark fantasy role-play environment based on the lore from the hit mod for Civilisation IV, Fall From Heaven II using a variety of immersive plugins. Alongside this, we wish to create a safe and friendly community where...
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Hail Souls!
Your second quarterly roundup is here, and man have there been some changes!

You can find a complete list of gameplay changes here, but below are some big ones.
- Updated two old plugins, DFRHourGlass and CommunityBridge.
- Removed ConquestiaMobs and added MythicMobs in its place.
- Added Calcupech as a playable race.
- Added Pyromancer and Devout as playable classes.
- Added six more playable jobs.
- Other minor tweaks to the Races, classes and Jobs in terms of power.​

Over the last three months we've reviewed our ruleset, and added a couple more rules due to recent events.
- Do not engage in any political or religious conversations.
- You cannot use characters from other media due to copyright. (eg GoT, LoTR etc).
- You cannot have a nether portal at your home.
- Do not kill people OOC,...​
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Races and Classes are undergoing heavy development at this time, we will have more new races and classes to you all eventually, until then only one class is available at the moment.

We will post more details when we have more information to deliver. The server is up and stable.

With these new releases all Diamond Tools, all Swords, Most Armor, and certain other things are now tied to classes. Please be patient while we finish the classes and get them released. For now you can pick the Barbarian class and level. You can transfer you levels to your preferred class when it is released.

The new classes, barbarian for now, will all use skill trees. Once you select your class you can do /skilltree and put skill points (1 per level) into skills to buff your character how you like. If you have any issues please post them here and we will look into them.

Another note. We are hoping to not need to wipe player stats for RaC anymore after today; however, if worst comes to worst we cannot...
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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen. Elves and Dwarves.
Somnium: Genesis is here, and we've been working around the clock to get the biggest and best update to you as fast as possible! There have been many changes to many things, alongside changing some mechanics entirely. These changes and how they affect you are listed below. Take a look, and welcome to Somnium: Genesis!

New Rules:
We've created an updated rule-set. These rules will be updated regularly and will be enforced a lot more strictly as we are aware of some players getting away with offences they shouldn't have. The new rule-set we will use for Somnium: Genesis can be found here.

The staff team has been reformed! You can find a comprehensive list of your staff team below.

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Hiya All,
So the new map is in full swing now, and we're working around the clock to build and set up a bunch of cool stuff. But this map is yours just as much as it is ours, so we need opinions. I've got some questions to ask you, feel free to answer them at your leisure. We'd like to capitalise on the things you like, and perhaps improve the things you don't.

What do you love about DawnFire Realms? What keeps you coming back?

What do you feel we could improve?

What do you want to see on the new map?

I can't promise everything, but we value what you think, so thank you for sharing!
by Atheleys at 11:40 AM
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Hello this is an informative post about what we have been thinking as a staff team and to address some other things from another thread (http://dawnfirerealms.net/threads/somnium_omega.1575/).

We are considering a map reset in which all players, as per usual, will be forced to move to the new map. However, we would like your input as a community.

The reason we are considering this is because the map is borderline over-populated, often with builds that are incomplete or griefed. There are fewer and fewer places for people to settle and so many of the towns that once were used and populated have been left to decay, case in point Llyndra, Aetherdark, etc.

More details concerning a possible map reset will be released after some time. More vote options may also become available.

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