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Good Afternoon Everyone!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week, I just thought I'd pop in and let you know of some changes that have recently occurred within our staff team.

First of All, Icebound_Fusion has retired as a Seraph. He needed to leave for IRL reasons and we fully support his choice and wish him well for the future. To replace Ice in a Seraph position, FireSlayerX has been promoted to the rank of Seraph.

With the recent happenings within the staff team we have decided that we'll need to take on a couple more Aides to help moderate the chat in-and-out of game. If you have already sent in a staff application, we'll be looking at those, as well as any new staff applications over the next couple of days. Make sure to get them in quick!

That's everything with regards to the changes; just as a reminder we have World Congress happening this Friday at 4PM EST at...
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Hi Everyone!

It's all action-stations in the Development Den today! Retrospectively upon the Economy Update we realised that the Towny plugin was the main source of taking money from players and simply destroying it. So! Something had to be done.

The Aims:
- Stop Towny from taking money out of the Economy.
- Overhaul the creation and upkeep system of our town system on the server.

The Update:
- Removed creation costs from Towny.
- Removed upkeep costs from Towny.
- Removed the creation permissions from Soul, Aide, Guardian and Builder Ranks.

This post raises a couple of questions, how do I make a town? How does it all work? What if I already own a town? You won't take it away will you? Why are you so damn short Spud? Well ladies and gents, all is explained in...
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Hello Everyone!

So, we've been talking about it for the last week or so, bouncing ideas off of each other, and we've finally come up with something we think will work, but we need your help to make it the best it can be!

The Aims:
- Balance the economy so it isn't just miners who get rich quick.
- Create a finite amount of currency circulating around the server.
- Construct and preserve an entirely player-driven economy.
- Deflate the economy.

The Update:
- All players will start off with 2000 Mathoms in Coins / Notes.
- Currency is now named golden nuggets and paper. Normal golden nuggets and paper will not work.
- You can still store Mathom coins and notes in your vault.

Now, I know a lot of you won't be happy, you had a lot of money, I understand. But where was that money going? Nowhere, because no one was trading, because everyone just had 200k...
by Spuddylicious at 12:49 PM
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DawnFire Realms is a serious, mature and realistic roleplay server with a unique set of dedicated plugins supporting MMORPG in dark fantasy worlds based on the lore of Fall from Heaven II. We have been around for around four years and have created four different playable worlds in that time. Somnium Alpha, Beta, Genesis and our current world, Vesperus.

Vesperus is open for anyone to play on.

When you play on Vesperus we urge you to develop your character, based on a background that you can make up yourself, which fits in the FfHII lore. Preferably directly after you start playing you can choose a fitting character name and nickname. Staff members can use the /nick command to give you an appropriate nickname, mostly the first name of the character. As you play, you can think of the characters background story and post it in the Character bio section.

The rules of conduct on the server...
by Spuddylicious at 7:47 PM
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Hello Everyone!

It's what it says on the tin really, AlteOgre gave us all of the old configs for the Heroes plugin used back on Somnium Alpha and Beta, and so I've replaced our previous system using Races & Classes and SkillAPI, and will be working over the next few days on polishing and adapting the config for our needs.

When you next get on, if you haven't been online on the server since the change of system, you'll need to set your race and profession. In order to do this, please use the following commands:

/hero class [CLASS NAME]
Currently you have the option of "Human", "Elf", "Dwarf", "Orc".


/hero profession Worker

I'll be releasing more details on how Heroes works over the next few days.

Thanks for Playing!
Spud and the DFR Staff Team
by Spuddylicious at 8:31 PM
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Welcome Back, Lost Souls!

For lost you are, no more.

If you've never heard of me, I'm Spud! I am, and have been a Community Manager here at the DawnFire Realms community for a couple of years now, and I'd like to formally invite, or re-invite you back to the community and the brand new DawnFire Realms Minecraft server!

We've had about a year's hiatus from Minecraft now, on-and-off, but we've listened, and recently enough of you have expressed an interest in bringing back a dedicated Minecraft server for the community to enjoy. And it's coming!

Vesperus is coming back, better than ever. You had suggestions, and we're implementing them. So, no more whitelist, more freedom for players overall, and more magic. Because who doesn't want more magic, right? I know I do. We'll also be hosting regular events with awesome loot, for you loot hoarders, you.

We're still in the planning...
by Spuddylicious at 7:41 PM
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Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since we last plugged the official DawnFire Realms Discord, so here I am to do it! We have a super-cool community Discord server! Come join us, it's where you'll find most of the players, and it's the easiest way to get in contact with offline staff members! Not to mention, you might make a friend or two!

Join our Discord here:

Discord Rules:

1. No swearing, unless it is in the NSFW channel.

2. No Abuse of any kind.

3. Do not use the Discord to Role-play, all role-play must be done in-game.

4. Please don't abuse the @everyone tag.

The same conditions as the server rules apply, the staff team reserves the right to change / add to these rules at any time without any warning.
by Atheleys at 1:18 PM
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Races and Classes are undergoing heavy development at this time, we will have more new races and classes to you all eventually, until then only one class is available at the moment.

We will post more details when we have more information to deliver. The server is up and stable.

With these new releases all Diamond Tools, all Swords, Most Armor, and certain other things are now tied to classes. Please be patient while we finish the classes and get them released. For now you can pick the Barbarian class and level. You can transfer you levels to your preferred class when it is released.

The new classes, barbarian for now, will all use skill trees. Once you select your class you can do /skilltree and put skill points (1 per level) into skills to buff your character how you like. If you have any issues please post them here and we will look into them.

Another note. We are hoping to not need to wipe player stats for RaC anymore after today; however, if worst comes to worst we cannot...
by Spuddylicious at 1:48 PM
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Hiya All,
So the new map is in full swing now, and we're working around the clock to build and set up a bunch of cool stuff. But this map is yours just as much as it is ours, so we need opinions. I've got some questions to ask you, feel free to answer them at your leisure. We'd like to capitalise on the things you like, and perhaps improve the things you don't.

What do you love about DawnFire Realms? What keeps you coming back?

What do you feel we could improve?

What do you want to see on the new map?

I can't promise everything, but we value what you think, so thank you for sharing!
by Atheleys at 11:40 AM
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Hello this is an informative post about what we have been thinking as a staff team and to address some other things from another thread (http://dawnfirerealms.net/threads/somnium_omega.1575/).

We are considering a map reset in which all players, as per usual, will be forced to move to the new map. However, we would like your input as a community.

The reason we are considering this is because the map is borderline over-populated, often with builds that are incomplete or griefed. There are fewer and fewer places for people to settle and so many of the towns that once were used and populated have been left to decay, case in point Llyndra, Aetherdark, etc.

More details concerning a possible map reset will be released after some time. More vote options may also become available.

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