Aug 13, 2016
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New Member, from Sweden

    1. Luna_PlayModz
      im going to court 17 aug so wish me luck that i wont leave for a long time again xD
    2. Luna_PlayModz
      im going to court 17 Aug and i cant come in to the server it says im not whitelisted
    3. Luna_PlayModz
      going to court and is gonna be gone for couple months , i hope not
    4. Luna_PlayModz
      Im back people
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  • About

    1.) Luna_PlayModz
    2.) Vesperus
    3.) Sonaka
    (Last Name: Teka Shi)
    4.) Ljosalfar
    5.) Elf
    6.) Age 75
    160 CM tall, and 70KG
    8.) Compassionate Lawful
    Primary Motivators:
    Play - To a Minor Extent
    Emotional Disposition: Joyful
    Moodiness: Even-Tempered
    Outlook: Optimistic
    Integrity: Conscientious
    Impulsiveness: Controlled
    Boldness: Intrepid
    Agreeableness: Agreeable
    Interactivity: Engaging
    Conformity: Conventional
    9.) Aid those in need of Help, and also enjoy her new life
    My Mother Died When I Was Born She Told My Father To Name Me In Her Name ''Sonaka'' 10 years later he left me on my own, and i was brought in by a church until i got on my feet and could leave, in the mean time i started working delivering things to the church so i often ran down to the village and up again, after 2 years i got a job as a courier because i was often fast to run with heavy loads, so i took the job because they only accepted me as 75 years at age, and starter traveling from village to village delivering letters and important things, soon it went to town to town, i got paid good for doing fast work, i always saw the poor on the side walks, starving for food so i often gave them half of what i get paid to help them out, the courier office gave me a horse to handle the things i was delivering, couple weeks later i was lost in the woods and it rained heavily and thundered so i took the things and let the horse go, i saw it running off in fear, i picked up the things and tried my best to get to the town that was 2 days away, i got very lost so i dropped the things and rested under a tree, i falled heavily asleep and when i woke up i saw the things where gone same with my stuff, so i sit up looking up in the sky with tears running down, thinking i cant get shelter so i started wandering lost and alone in the woods trying to find a town but im completely lost but i luckily started seeing a tower so i ran and ran there and saw that the sea was blocking me from getting there dry, so i looked around as i sit down catching my breath, as i looked to my left i saw a boat, so i sneaked on board and it went off across the sea, when it gotten dark i got off and looked on the tower, thinking '' i guess im getting a new fresh start again '' all i had left was my clothing and a empty bag, i thought for myself '' this is it '' and went wandering off.

    (charactar personality)
    Sonaka is always happy and wanting to help people
    and always trying to have fun while working hard
    she likes to do things when she's bored
    and help people out
    she's very joyful enjoying helping those in need
    she's social sometimes but prefers being lonely and not talking much
    and she likes go out exploring

    1) Define Metagaming it means to tell somebody some information about another player or something they are doing that said player's character should not know about.

    2) Define Powergaming means playing to have your will/way or to win on every level. - so if you cannot win RPwise, you ll try ooc.. you extend the powers of your character beyond whats possible for this character in terms or roleplay - often using ways only the player has access to.

    3) Can first time bios be of Chaotic or Evil alignment? no

    4) What are the guidelines on swearing on the server? not allowed, if not seraph is okay with it

    5) What are the rules on Religious discussion on the server? nothing about it is allowed

    6) What races are available to players? elf, half elf, human, orc, i dont remember the others

    7) Is Grinding allowed? no

    8) What are the rules on plagiarizing copyrighted characters? its not allowed to copright from others or other websites
    (btw thanks for learning me a couple new thing)

    1) Give us a run down of your character, what inspired you to make this specific character? Give us your insights! What do you have planned? What made you want to play this character?

    i always wanted to be an elf if irl was this world, and i thought it would be good in this character to help people in need and be a courier

    2) Give us an In Character self introduction! Please include at least two lines of dialogue between your character and an imaginary character, and one action for each of them.

    My Name Is Sonaka, My last name is Teka Shi, And Im 75 Years old, Im an Elf
    I like to help people in need and i am gonna be a courier!

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