Bine Rinn

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    1) Your Minecraft In-game Username.

    2) The world you are applying for. (Vesperus)

    3) Character name.
    Bine rinn

    4) Nation of Origin

    5) Race

    6) Age

    7) Physical Appearance
    Five foot eleven, blue eyes, white hair, slim but toned build.

    8) Personal Traits
    Alignment - Good
    Bine rinn is a smart, good hearted person, he is willing to go out of his way to help almost anyone in need.
    But, he has a scar that has turned part of his heart dark, his hate for monsters has made him have a split personality all together. The moment he sees a monster he becomes someone else, and then the only thing on his mind is slaughtering every last one of them.

    9. Your character’s biography (4-6 paragraphs)
    He lived a fairly happy childhood with all of his friends and family being in close proximity, he was perfectly content. On the day of his 13th birthday, Bine rinn finally came to the age where the village elders sent him to take his Proving, the Proving tests ones worthiness of being a warrior, this was also the day he lost everything he cared about. During his Proving his strength, will, and intelligence were all tested. His Proving lasted the entire day, and as he returned to his entire village he saw that everything was destroyed, the only thing left standing in his village were a few remaining skeletons and zombies. His friends, family, everyone he cared about, they were all brutally slaughtered and torn apart. This was the moment when his heart turned black, he was dead inside, he went insane and destroyed the remaining skeletons and tore apart the zombies, afterwords he blacked out. When he woke up he was in an unfamiliar place, an old shack far away from his burned down village, he looked over and saw a man and Bine asked the man "Where am I?", the old man responded "You are in my home, now take this and drink it, it will recover your woulds". Bine rinn lives in the area even still today, in his new home town of Opeth.

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