Dwarven Poem

  1. NomadicMerchant

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    Sep 30, 2015
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    'neath mountains of weathered stone,
    In caverns of carved stone,
    You'll find the Dwarven folk.
    With stature short,
    And iron strong,
    The dwarves continue to live on.

    We don't worry about the surface,
    The cold never comes near the furnace.
    We are hardy folk, the Dwarven Clans,
    And we will fight till the last Dwarf stands.
    If you should wish to fight,
    You better wait until it's light.
    We know these tunnels better than you,
    And we'll chase you until you're through.

    Don't beware the Dwarven throne,
    For it is only made of stone.
    The Dwarven Kings are fair and true,
    This is a fact that is proven through and through.
  2. theliamdude

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    Feb 22, 2016
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    very poetic, you should be the new Edgar Allen poe, did you know that he had turberquolosis, or however you say it, and he wasn't affected but it spread around and killed everyone he loved, thats why his poems are so sad. well, good luck with that!

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