It's time to say goodbye

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    Apr 29, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    TL; DR: DFR Minecraft server is closing today.

    I started playing Minecraft in Beta version 1.4 (released on March 31, 2011) and my first server, MineLife (later known as DawnFire Realms) started not too long afterwards.

    MineLife/DFR first began on one these:


    An HP Pavilion DV2 Notebook, 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, 4GB RAM, running on... Windows Vista (shudder).

    At the time I had something like a 30GB data cap (maybe lower) on my broadband plan, on an ADSL connection (24 Mbps down / 1 Mbps up). That's megabits not megabytes, and that was theoretical maximum speeds, I never even got close to that. We would frequently max our data cap a week or so before it rolled over for the next month and so, unfortunately, would have no access to the internet and therefore no server. Not to mention I was only ever home on the weekends, so in the early days, you couldn't just hop on the server whenever you wanted.

    Apart from the connection and availability times, the good old HP laptop was a severely abused and neglected machine. If it were a child, CPS would've been called a long time ago, and I'd be locked up. Dust, dirt and general filth caked the vents. Bits of spilt food and drink clogged the keyboard and joints. Who knows how much malware was on that thing. And this was accumulated from the 2 years of general wear and tear before running a server, the real abuse was only just starting to begin.

    Not too long after (foolishly) dropping my home networks firewall to allow the hoards Minecraft players to connect, the HP laptop started to experience frequent shutoffs, which I would later find out was its way of saying, if you don't clean me, I will die. I noticed that every time the laptop blacked out, it was extremely hot. Obviously, it was overheating! Fortunately, I had an ingenious solution. Instead of cleaning the fans and gunk, I decided to create my own cooling system. Icepacks! Take an icepack from the freezer, shove one under the laptop (wherever the hottest location was) and place one on top. Whenever the icepacks got warm, switch them out for other ones in the freezer and keep repeating the cycle for as long as you wanted to continue using the computer. This seemed to work for quite some time, and while I could no longer leave the laptop running overnight on the carpet collecting further dust and carpet hairs (oops), at least Minelife got to have some form of regular constant (sort of) uptime.

    Unfortunately, by the time I decided to clear the fans, it was already too late, permanent damage had been done to the motherboard and CPU. Even the icepacks couldn't help anymore. RIP HP Laptop 2009 - 2012. We briefly switched to running on my new HP desktop in the weekends, however, after much interest by the surprisingly decently sized community at the time (around 30 active users), donations started to flow in, and we rented our first server. Now MineLife was 24/7!

    We started our first Planet Minecraft server page on the 26th of May, 2012: . Our first ever website on enjin: and a (mostly) trustworthy staff team began to emerge. MineLife was starting to look like a real server. We eventually changed our name to DawnFire Realms. I don't remember why; MineLife was a perfectly fine name. Things were going great, we were building in popularity, had an active player-base, and I was having a lot of fun.


    It was the 23rd of May, 2013. The darkest day of our little community... the Riuiining.

    While I won't go into detail what happened, the result was the maps and all plugin configurations were lost. All that hard work... destroyed in a few minutes of "trolling". Lessons were learned that day, and although at the time, it seemed like everything was gone, our community was still strong and continued to prosper. We rebuilt, rebranded as a more RP focused server and built a closer tight-knit staff and community. Many of our dedicated community members put the hard work into bringing the best (in my opinion) version of DFR we ever had. I stopped being directly involved with DFR sometime in 2013. The torch was passed over and has continued to be maintained until this day.

    The day has finally come to close shop and say goodbye. We've been here for almost 7 years now (maybe even 7 already, I've lost count), which is a long time! When I first started this server, if you told me we'd still be around in 2018 I'd be amazed. I didn't think 1 year ahead, let alone 6 more.

    I've known for the last 12 months or so that the end was near, our community and staff are moving on in life and the world. Some of us now have families. It's sad to see something that's been part of my life for so long finally come to an end. DFR is where I got into system administration and community management, both skills which I employ in my current line of work (and other hobbies). There's a lot you can learn running a Minecraft server.

    I hope that you've all had fun here. While I have not really played MC since 2013, I have a lot of fond memories spending time with the community at DFR throughout these 7 years. Even though it might be time to say goodbye to the DFR server, it doesn't have to mean a goodbye to our community. I will be keeping the Discord server up in the hopes that some of you will find benefit in having an area where you can keep in contact with your fellow community members.

    To all staff, past and present. Thank you for dedicating your time to maintaining and improving DFR in your free time. Without you, we'd never have made it this far. I'd love to name names, but I fear I'd miss someone!

    To the community, whether you've been here the whole time, just joined or somewhere in-between. It's been a wild ride. Really, this place isn't mine or any single individual; it's yours.

    Thank you all for the fun, and goodbye for now.
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    Jul 13, 2014
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    I love you all. Thank you for my time here, Duke. No matter what happens, you'll all be apart of what was made here.

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