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    DawnFire Realms is a serious, mature and realistic roleplay server with a unique set of dedicated plugins supporting MMORPG in dark fantasy worlds based on the lore of Fall from Heaven II. We have been around for around four years and have created four different playable worlds in that time. Somnium Alpha, Beta, Genesis and our current world, Vesperus.

    Vesperus is open for anyone to play on.

    When you play on Vesperus we urge you to develop your character, based on a background that you can make up yourself, which fits in the FfHII lore. Preferably directly after you start playing you can choose a fitting character name and nickname. Staff members can use the /nick command to give you an appropriate nickname, mostly the first name of the character. As you play, you can think of the characters background story and post it in the Character bio section.

    The rules of conduct on the server and on this website are presented in this post:

    Our Wiki is currently being developed, and will contain lots of important information:

    You can also find further information in the Tutorials & Guides Section:

    Recommended & Allowed Mods
    For the best experience when playing on DawnFire Realms, we recommend using Minecraft Update 1.9.2. This enables players to view the useful Holograms in spawn and for further enhancements, we support the use of the following modifications:

    - Conquest Texture Pack
    This is the official texture pack of the server, so if you'd like to see things in the way they have been built, use this! (The 3D texture pack is optional, but beneficial).
    - Forge 1.9
    To get mods in Minecraft, you'll need to download Minecraft Forge!
    - Optifine
    This will enhance your visual experience, and is needed when using the Conquest Texture Pack.
    - MorePlayerModels
    MPM allows you to change the size of different parts of your character. It is optional, but definitely enhances Roleplay due to the fact that you can easily see another player's race.
    - Xaero's Minimap
    A minimap so you can get around. 'nuff said.
    Main Plugins
    This is a comprehensive list of the main plugins that we use on DawnFire Realms.
    - Heroes
    - Courier
    - MoreItems
    - Thirst
    - CoreProtect
    - DynMap
    - HealthBar
    - Essentials
    - ClearLag
    - AutoMessage
    - WorldBorder
    - Gringotts
    - BuyCraftX
    - Votifier
    - Multiverse
    - CustomDeathMessages
    - Jouster
    - Stables
    - PlayerWeight
    - EnchantLimit
    - PermissionsX
    - Disease
    - LWC
    - WizardlyMagic
    - Brewery
    - CustomEnchantments
    - Towny
    - TownyChat
    - SignShop

    Chat Channels
    /g: Basic Chat Channel, talk about what you're having for dinner tonight!
    /l: Local Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP.
    /sh: Shout Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP.
    /w: Whisper Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP.
    /tc: Town Chat, IC channel used to communicate with other people living in your town.
    /nc: Nation Chat, IC channel used to communicate with other people living in your nation.

    /msg: A strictly OOC channel, even though your IC name is used.

    If you ever need help, have questions, or if you want to report something you can use /helpop in-game or a private conversation on the forum. An Aide, Guardian or Seraph will respond to or act on your question or request.

    Classes & Skills
    For our Races, Classes and Professions system we use the "Heroes" plugin. You can find further information on how it works and how we use it here.
    For skills and some roleplay mechanics such as marriage, we use "McMMO" in order to give our players further progression in specific skill-sets.

    Character Biographies
    You'll need to create a character biography before you begin roleplaying with other players. Please post your character biography in this section of the forums, using the biography format which you can find here.

    At DawnFire Realms we use official lore from the Fall From Heaven II mod for Civilisation 4. If you'd like to know more about the lore, you can find some links below:

    - History of Erebus:
    - Bestiary of Erebus:
    - "Lore" Forum Section:
    - FfHII Compendium:

    If you have any suggestions to improve this, please respond below!
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