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    Jul 18, 2014
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    Hey, I'm just going to say why I think we should add the SignShop and GriefPrevention plugins.

    Ideally, the economy would be solely based off of in-character trading. However, there are issues with this in a server as small as DFR currently is. There aren't enough people active at a time to sustain a great economy. There's only ever like 0-8 people on, from what I've seen. Because of this, it's difficult to trade for things as the supply and demand is quite low. While this is going to be a problem until we get many more players, it'd be minimised by SignShop. This is because it gets around the necessity for both people to be online at the same time. While this would somewhat diminish trading roleplay, it'd be nice to get an economy up and going. Also, then you'd be able to add some NPC shops and whatnot.

    Honestly, I'm not too sure about this one. That being said, I would rather it be in because one of my bases isn't in a town and therefore can be grieved. Seeing as I've had my bases grieved before, I'd rather not have it happen again. That being said, adding it would make people less likely to live in cities together, but I'm pretty sure most people would stay in the cities anyways because most people are here fore the roleplay - if they're not in a city, it's because the roleplay dictates it to be so.

    I know you're all very busy, so I'm obviously not pressurising or anything like that. Just a few suggestions for @Spuddylicious and @Icebound_Fusion to think about.

    Lots of love,

    Edit: I accidentally put a space in the title where there wasn't supposed to be one. RIP
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