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Somnium Genesis Patch Notes

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    Thursdays are maintenance days!
    We try to keep the server up as frequent as possible, but all these amazing updates have to happen some day ;). Thursdays are our day for doing that, the server will likely be up all day that day and will be restarted periodically throughout the day as we make changes.

    Patch 1.1.1 - April 14, 2016

    • Updated to a more stable server .jar file
    • Updated plugins (Autorank, EasyBackup, GriefPrevention, Jobs, RacesAndClasses, LWC)
    • Revamped character bio format
    • Fixed issues where players weren't able to select their race
    • Horses/Creatures are no longer protected on GriefPrevention land claims (some weird issues were happening)
    • Set a cap on how much money a person can make per day (10,000)
    • Nerfed jobs
    Patch 1.1.2 - April 21, 2016
    • Added conquestia mobs back in (scales to lvl 100+)
    • Reconfigured brewery and added a few new recipes and updated existing ones
    • Changed town related things:
      • teleports now cost nothing
      • towns now cost 20k to make, down from 100k
      • nations now cost 100k to make, down from 500k
      • townblock claims now cost 200, down from 2000
      • town outposts now cost 1000, down from 10000
      • bonus town blocks now cost 200, down from 2000
      • death costs (1 for each party involved)
      • changed some tax values
    • Changed ships, now they're not a donator only thing. (to be done later, add more cool donator features!)
    Patch 1.1.3 - April 28, 2016
    • Conquestia mobs tweaking
      • Mobs now go up in level every 500 blocks from spawn (was every 200)
    • Infernal mobs tweaking
      • Enabled loot drops again, lowered the chances and changed some loot.
      • Lowered Infernal mobs HP multiplier
      • Still working on loot drops (only 31 items available as of now)
    • Diseases added (
    • Worldguard version update
    • Devout Class added (highly unstable, do not select) please reselect your class for other minor changes to take effect.
    Patch 1.1.4 - May 5, 2016
    • Removed Conquestia mobs
      • Added mythic mobs in it's place
    • Added more items, started working on some recipes for custom items with special attributes, but due to unfortunate circumstances... this has been put on hold til they develop a more stable version
    • Pyromancer Class added and stablized (don't forget your pyromancy flame at the spawn library)
    • Devout Class stabilized
    Patch 1.1.5 - May 12, 2016
    • Updated some of our plugins, namely jobs
      • Jobs has been throwing some weird console errors for awhile and I think I've determined the cause, it wouldn't have been anything you all would have noticed.
    • Changed some things related to Diseases
    Patch 1.1.6 - May 19, 2016
    • Added RecipeManager and started work on custom recipes/drops/etc (This will take a long time)
    • Determined that the plans are too large and will likely be needed to be released in waves, with MASSIVE changes
    Patch 1.1.7 - May 26, 2016
    • Introduced the first wave of block drops.
    • Added the bowyer profession, with custom craftables for it.
      • Attempting to resolve issues of being unable to craft Osage and Rosewood bows. Resolved
    • Started work on smith profession that will take the place of blacksmith, and the custom craftables for it.
      • Finished Weapons
      • In-Progress Armor/Shields, working on valuations for %dmg reductions
    • Made a collection of spreadsheets for folks to view information on drops and custom craftables. Found here:
    • Will be removing ships due to lag issues (replacing with movecraft at a later date).
    Patch 1.1.8 - June 2, 2016
    • Smith release: Came to the conclusion that smith will be ok to function without the custom armors for the moment, so will be released by this date with the weapons listed.
      • Please note that these custom weapons are incredibly skill based as when I change weapon speeds the way this really works is like so:
      • Example: I swing my greatsword 1 time, after it does damage the first time it has started it's cooldown time (for reference, the speed number on a weapon is measured in ticks, 20 ticks = 1 second). If I then swing the sword again before the cooldown time is up, then 2 things happen: the cooldown timer starts over, and the attack does 0 damage, this is all intentional as to reflect actually swinging these types of weapons in a quick fashion before properly repositioning the blade would cause it to little to no damage. If you can be generous with your counting (which I recommend doing in your head when you use these weapons), then these weapons will be quite fun and rewarding to play with.
      • The release of these weapons and prior/subsequent weapons does not mean that we will be removing the ability for folks to craft anything vanilla. We will always allow for you all to craft vanilla items because some folks do not want this new custom crafting system, it's here for those of us who do want it and would like a more immersive way to craft/combat.
      • Smith permissions will be merged into "Blacksmith" job.
    • Blacksmith job:
      • Now has custom craftable weapons
      • Now also can craft more things for money (armor/weapons/tools)
    • Merged existing diggers into the miner job and moved all currency gains from digger into miner.
    Patch 1.1.9 - June 9, 2016
    • Added Herbalist job with custom recipes for custom potions.
    • Made some adjustments to fisherman job
      • now has custom fishing rods
      • now gets money for crafting fishing rods (and custom fishing rods)
    • Moved all woodcutters to the new forester job
    • Added the Forester job, which inherited all woodcutting gains from woodcutter... but also:
      • Money for crafting sticks, chests, planks, fences, doors, slabs, stairs, signs, bowls, and a crafting table. (this is only the case if the objects are inherently wooden objects, i.e. crafting cobblestone stairs won't make you money as a forester)
    • Made adjustments to the Farmer job:
      • Money for shearing sheep (including different colored ones)
      • Money for breeding animals (sheep, chicken, horse, mooshroom, cow, pig, rabbit)
      • Money for planting every crop
      • Money for breaking every crop
    Patch 1.1.10 - June 16, 2016
    • Made modifications to a brewery recipe (wine, changed vines to beetroot seeds as vines weren't supported).
    • Added brewer job, moved brewery plugin permissions to them specifically and removed them all from standard jobs/users.
    • Added craftsman job, it's like it sounds (gets money for doing various crafting).
    • Buffed builder job, about every block in the game that is placeable now gives money when placed.
    • Added chef job with it's own custom craftable foods! (if you encounter any issues crafting them, let someone know)
    • Made some other job tweaks
    Patch 1.1.11 - June 23, 2016
    • Made major modifications to the way enchantments were handled. Details below:
      • All non combat enchants have been fully restored to everyone.
      • All combat enchants have been fully removed.
      • Enchanter job specifically:
        • Can enchant items with multiple enchants (non-combat related)
      • Non enchanters
        • Can enchant items, but only with one enchant (non-combat related)
    Patch 1.1.12 - June 30, 2016
    • Tekaa92 has updated two of our old plugins (DFRHourglass and Community Bridge)
    • DFR Hourglass
      • This is the plugin that allows us to manually set the length of the day/night cycles
    • Community Bridge
      • This is what links the server and the website so that they can get the appropriate rank when they register and relog. As soon as this is re-configured, people will no longer rank up after 1 minute of playing.
    • After almost a week of purging bad enchantments, we'll be finalizing the settings. Remember, only enchanters can enchant items with more than one enchant in a crafting table.
    • Removed custom crafting recipes, items, and more until our design concepts for a better system are finished.
    • Brewery updated to latest version
    • Jobs updated to latest version
    • Removed clearlag
    • Jobs changes:
      • Enchanter (income 13, from 1)
      • Blacksmith (income 13, from 1)
      • Bowyer (income 13, from 1)
      • Craftsman (income 13, from 1)
      • Herbalist (income 13, from 1)
      • Brewer (income 13, from 1)
      • Fisherman (income 13, from 1)
      • Forester (income 13, from 1)
      • Farmer (income 13, from 1)
      • Miner (income 11, from 1)
      • Builder (income 11, from 1)
      • Mason job added (income 13)
      • Clothier job added (income 13)
      • Engineer job added (income 13)
    • Server will now auto save every 30 minutes or so.
    • Server will now restart every 6 hours or so.
    • Server day time extended to 1 hour of day
    • Server night time extended to 30 minutes of night
    • Added some furniture (
    • Added LightAPI
    • Added FurnitureLib
    • Added ProtectionLib
    • Added DiceFurniture
    • Added FurnitureMaker
    Patch 1.1.13 - July 7, 2016
    • Made modifications to jobs again
      • Job income limit is 1000 per day
        • Why?
        • Each time the server restarts, it resets the cap per day, so having our limit at 2500 per day actually equated to a person being able to make around 12500 per day. Now to compensate this it's somewhere in between what we wanted. 1000 per day is a pretty comfortable amount and is easy to reach and does not require a lot of play time. It allows someone to make anywhere from 1000 to 5000 per day depending on playtimes.
    Patch 1.1.14 - July 14, 2016
    • Furniture plugin is now in and 5% bug free.
      • Fixed some redundant permissions, so hopefully that will fix the issue where some folks aren't able to craft them. (by the way the recipes are incredibly particular, so follow the coordination of blocks shown within the recipe)
    • RAC Changes
      • Disabled the ability for folks to left click and take the books in the GUIs by accident, instead you'll right click to select a race or class.
    Patch 1.1.15 - July 21-23, 2016
    • Removed furniture plugin, it was far too laggy
    • Cleaned up a lot of server files for saving space.
    • Fixed Towny Issues, somehow configs got deleted or modified:
      • Teleport costs are now 0 again
      • Nation costs are 100k
      • Town costs are 20k
      • Buying bonus claim blocks is 200 per
      • Claiming a plot is 200 per
      • Town upkeep is 10
    • Updated the following plugins:
      • EasyBackup
      • GriefPrevention
      • InfernalMobs
      • MythicMobs
    Patch 1.1.16 - July 27, 2016
    • Updated the following plugins:
      • SwornRPG
      • WorldGuard
      • WorldEdit
      • WorldBorder
      • WizarldlyMagic
      • VoxelSniper
      • Gringotts
    Further Out
    • Rework classes
    • Rework jobs
    • Rework custom crafting
    • Rework custom drops
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