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    Dec 11, 2014
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    Title: Aide Application - [IGN]
    Nationality: American
    Timezone: Eastern
    Tell us about yourself. My name is Bradley Coker. I am currently duel enrolled with my local college so I may achieve an associates degree early. I like anime, music, various video games, and I like to read. My goal in life is to be a computer programmer of sorts. My goal is to be able to create something that will benefit society as a whole with my programs. There is a google hub projected to be built within the next five years close to me, so my dream employment is there. I have many quirks but to keep this simple I will stop here.
    What are your Strengths?
    What are your Weaknesses?
    I would like to combine these two statements as they are hand in hand with each other. I believe a big strength of mine is my pride. It allows me to be mindful of what I do and think through my actions. This also makes me come off as arrogant at times or obnoxiously excessive with my own craft. If I put effort into something I would like for my fruits to be bountiful. Another strength would be confidence. If I know what I'm doing I won't falter in my path. I will complete my goals quickly and efficiently. A definite weakness of mine is I have an insatiable urge for social interaction, while being rather introverted. I love to converse with others. Express new ideas between a group, and overall just hang out. This makes me rather talkative.
    Why do you want to become a member of our team? I joined this server many of years ago in amazement. The comprehensive lore, the player base, the ability to do anything almost. It had me hooked within hours. Many of times I saw a lack in the technical side of the server though. The classes were unbalanced, staff inactive, nothing new was being developed. This upset me greatly. I wish to be on the other end of the spectrum. I want to contribute to the server I grew to love. I want to make it into something spectacular. I believe I have the ability to be meticulous to the details. I know I can contribute and add value to the server with my previous history. With that this is why I apply.
    What experience do you have in a staff position? I've played Minecraft for almost 9 years now. This comes with acute knowledge and progress in servers. One of my biggest success's was being a lore manager on a server called naruto shinobi tales. I structured in role-play similar to this servers, and has great success. We had 50 players on at a time daily. Besides that I have worked on at least 50 servers throughout my years varying in different technicalities.
    What do you expect to do in this position? In this position I expect to everything I possibly can to improve the server. I expect for my skills to be utilized for the betterment of the server as a whole.
    Please define "Meta-Gaming." in your own words. Anyone can google these terms. But I believe meta gaming in the only sense that matters. Is using key information that would benefit your character that you haven't yourself in character learned or experienced.
    Please define "Power-Gaming" in your own words. Power-gaming is performing feats uncanny or unrealistic of your character. Such as flying if you could not fly. Or over-all god modeing.
    Do you work well in a team? I believe I have an ability to work proficiently and effectively in a team environment.
    What are your hobbies? Playing open world games, watching anime, reading.
    What ideas do you have for the server (if any)? I have spent many hours discussing suggestions with fireslayerx. I have many more if I am to be accepted as a staff member.
    How much do you know about our plugins on DawnFire Realms? I have a vast knowledge of the plugins on dawnfire, as well as many more rp centered plugins. Besides that I have an aptitude for learning; I do such very quickly.

    P.S. Although I have not been back to the server in a large amount of time. Or have been on it currently for the longest. I believe my view points and knowledge can benefit the server to a great extent. I believe I have what it takes to help the server progress into something spectacular.

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