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    Mar 30, 2014
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    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    Hope you're all having a fantastic week, I just thought I'd pop in and let you know of some changes that have recently occurred within our staff team.

    First of All, Icebound_Fusion has retired as a Seraph. He needed to leave for IRL reasons and we fully support his choice and wish him well for the future. To replace Ice in a Seraph position, FireSlayerX has been promoted to the rank of Seraph.

    With the recent happenings within the staff team we have decided that we'll need to take on a couple more Aides to help moderate the chat in-and-out of game. If you have already sent in a staff application, we'll be looking at those, as well as any new staff applications over the next couple of days. Make sure to get them in quick!

    That's everything with regards to the changes; just as a reminder we have World Congress happening this Friday at 4PM EST at Thunder Lagoon, so if you can make it, we'd be delighted to see your character attending. It's a great way for your character to mingle with other characters they might not have met before.
    For more information, see the Discord.

    As always, thank you for playing!
    Spud & The DFR Staff Team
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