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    Mar 30, 2014
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    Hi Everyone!

    It's been a while since we last plugged the official DawnFire Realms Discord, so here I am to do it! We have a super-cool community Discord server! Come join us, it's where you'll find most of the players, and it's the easiest way to get in contact with offline staff members! Not to mention, you might make a friend or two!

    Join our Discord here:

    Discord Rules:

    1. No swearing, unless it is in the NSFW channel.

    2. No Abuse of any kind.

    3. Do not use the Discord to Role-play, all role-play must be done in-game.

    4. Please don't abuse the @everyone tag.

    The same conditions as the server rules apply, the staff team reserves the right to change / add to these rules at any time without any warning.
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    Dec 5, 2017
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    The discord link doesn't work

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