The Towny Update!

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    Mar 30, 2014
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    Hi Everyone!

    It's all action-stations in the Development Den today! Retrospectively upon the Economy Update we realised that the Towny plugin was the main source of taking money from players and simply destroying it. So! Something had to be done.

    The Aims:
    - Stop Towny from taking money out of the Economy.
    - Overhaul the creation and upkeep system of our town system on the server.

    The Update:
    - Removed creation costs from Towny.
    - Removed upkeep costs from Towny.
    - Removed the creation permissions from Soul, Aide, Guardian and Builder Ranks.

    This post raises a couple of questions, how do I make a town? How does it all work? What if I already own a town? You won't take it away will you? Why are you so damn short Spud? Well ladies and gents, all is explained in this post. But of course, if you have any other questions that haven't yet been answered, please leave them below! :)

    Spud & The DFR Staff Team
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