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    Hail Souls!
    Your second quarterly roundup is here, and man have there been some changes!

    You can find a complete list of gameplay changes here, but below are some big ones.
    - Updated two old plugins, DFRHourGlass and CommunityBridge.
    - Removed ConquestiaMobs and added MythicMobs in its place.
    - Added Calcupech as a playable race.
    - Added Pyromancer and Devout as playable classes.
    - Added six more playable jobs.
    - Other minor tweaks to the Races, classes and Jobs in terms of power.​

    Over the last three months we've reviewed our ruleset, and added a couple more rules due to recent events.
    - Do not engage in any political or religious conversations.
    - You cannot use characters from other media due to copyright. (eg GoT, LoTR etc).
    - You cannot have a nether portal at your home.
    - Do not kill people OOC, this is frowned upon and may be punishable.
    - Please build a reasonable distance away from spawn. (A good starting number is 1000).​

    We've expanded our staff team to support our recent rise in numbers of players.
    - Flelark, TNTCtrm and DeanQueen were promoted to Aide.
    - KyL and DeanQueen were promoted to Guardian.
    - MasterSlimFat and TEKAA returned to the server, and were promoted to Builder.
    As of current we are not looking for any new members to the staff team. Thank you for your interest!

    This quarter, (July - September) we'll be focusing on expanding our player-base through more promotional sites such as "MineStatus," and the Development team will be creating a lot more custom items such as ranged and melee weapons, alongside different types of shields. They will also be adding more classes and doing some more minor tweaks, as usual.

    Over the past three months I've added a bunch more pages to the wiki. There's now all kinds of info over there from details on all of our in-game races to the Nations there are in the FfHII Lore we use on DawnFire Realms.

    It's coming up to summertime, meaning that everyone's off school and it's really hot and no one actually wants to go outside because it's way too hot and they'd rather stay inside with the AC and a computer screen in front of them. Wait, just me? Big things are coming this summer! We've got a massive expansion coming out alongside even more features! We've been working hard, but we'll be working even harder to update the server and keep this place running smoothly.
    Finally, as always I'd like to that you guys, our player-base for sticking with us and making this community and server such a fun and safe place to be.

    Spud & the DawnFireRealms Staff Team
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    I don't have AC :( but gratz everyone on #makingdfrgreatagain
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