Vesperus Release!

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    Mar 30, 2014
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    Welome to Vesperus!
    That's right, we've finally finished preparations and development on Vesperus. Aw yeah.
    Over the next few days, players with approved Whitelist Applications will be added to the whitelist and will be able to join at
    New players start at the rank of "Soul".

    We expect all players to have read the rules before joining the server. We will aim to enforce these rules with vigilance through the "3 Strikes" system.

    What is DawnFire Realms?

    Here at DawnFire Realms we aim to provide a serious dark fantasy role-play environment based on the lore from the hit mod for Civilisation IV, Fall From Heaven II using a variety of immersive plugins. Alongside this, we wish to create a safe and friendly community where our players can meet new friends and escape the monotony of everyday life.

    Welcome & Role-play!

    Please do your best to welcome new players and help them to feel at home in the community.
    Encourage serious role-play right from the start! Use the right chat channels, play your character correctly, slip into or create an appropriate skin!

    Voting & Publicity:
    Over the next few days I will be creating advertisement pages on notable websites (Planet Minecraft) etc. If you could vote for our server as much as possible, that would really help to boost the rebuilding efforts of the community. You'll be able to find these links under the "Vote" tab on the navigation bar.

    What Next?
    Well, if you haven't already, please apply to join us on the Vesperus server using the Whitelist Application, by posting a new thread in the applications forum. One of our reviewers will get to it as soon as they possibly can, and will notify you if anything needs changing, or, if your biography and application is up to scratch, will approve of your application and add you to the whitelist!

    Share the word! Got any friends who are into Minecraft? Into role-playing games? Ask 'em to check us out!

    Thank You for Joining us for this next chapter of DawnFire Realms,
    The DawnFire Realms Staff Team
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    Yay, Finally!
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