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Vesperus Server Rules

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    Hi There!
    These are the rules to be followed at all times on the Vesperus Server.

    PLEASE NOTE: The DFR Staff Team reserve the right to edit this rule-set immediately and without warning, please check back regularly if you do not wish to be caught out.

    1. Be respectful in your communication and act ethical to all, in any OOC (out-of-character) situation.

    2. Excessive cursing is not allowed in General Chat. If all players online are comfortable with strong language, it is allowed.

    3. Please do not spam, nag or whine and avoid using unneeded CAPITAL LETTERS.

    4. Please do not advertise for other servers.

    5. There are several different Chat Channels, and should be used appropriately.
    - /g: General Channel, talk about the football, and if you need help with something, just ask!
    - /l: Local Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP. (Range of 25 Blocks)
    - /sh: Shout Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP. (Range of 50 Blocks)
    - /w: Whisper Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP. (Range of 3 Blocks)
    - /tc: Town Chat, Used to communicate with other people living in your town.
    - /nc: Nation Chat, Used to communicate with other people living in your town.

    6. When having an OOC conversation with another player, use /msg [PlayerName].

    7. You cannot stream here without the consent of all players online and the Seraphs.

    8. Do not under any circumstances engage in any political or religious conversations.

    9. Do not link or mention any inappropriate material in chat (this includes pornography and other strange business).

    1. Be Sensible. Your character is not a god.

    2. Consider the needs and situations of the other people you are role-playing with.

    3. Swearing is allowed In-Character, in a similar ruling as rule 2 in "Communication".

    4. Your Character must be a race listed on the server. NO CATS.

    5. Characters do not age.

    6. Don't take role-play situations personally, it's role-play! "Don't take IC OOC, and OOC IC!

    7. Don't be hasty with your reactions as other payers need time to react when role-playing.

    8. In-Character Relatives are allowed.

    9. You cannot use characters from other media due to copyright. (eg GoT, LoTR etc).

    10. You cannot give characters major role-play-centric items that you haven't met in character.

    11. Do not kill people Out-Of-Character without consent. This is frowned upon and may be punishable.

    12. Without an approved bio, you cannot PvP or do any major RP, such as build a town or PVP. You may join a town, but after a week you will be removed.

    13: After your biography has been approved, you must stick to the psychological and emotional actions as described in your biography.

    14) Remember that your character is only capable of things in character that has been listed in your biography. Examples: Enchanting, smithing, etc.

    15) The minimum age for a character is equivalent to 15 years of age IRL.

    16) Please note that editing your bio after it has been approved may be punished.

    Always keep in mind what your character has learned about his environment and the people he/she met/meets. It may even be helpful to keep track of this IC information with a text file summarising each encounter!

    Griefing & PvP:
    1. Please do not grief unless it has an obvious role-play purpose.
    - This purpose must be communicated with a staff member beforehand.

    2. Placing Lava or water without clear purpose is also considered griefing.

    3. Build things that would logically exist in the world.

    4. Player killings and PVP encounters (that are not consentual) are to be arranged before with a staff member and they will choose whether the RP reasoning warrants the death and/or KO.

    5. You may not claim vanilla Minecraft villages.

    6. Do not exploit villagers.

    7. Please do not grind EXP.

    8. Please build a reasonable distance away from Spawn (A good starting number is 1000 blocks).

    9. No more than two wolves are allowed for one player.

    10. The "5zig" mod is not allowed, it gives unfair advantages to players.

    11. You are not allowed to settle on the "Blessed" islands in the four corners of the map.

    The "3 Strikes" System:

    First Offence: Warning
    Second Offence: Temporary Ban
    Third Offence: Permanent Ban, Appeal-able
    Fourth Offence: Permanent Ban
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