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    1) Your Minecraft In-game Username :
    Ufoivette (Jarpiix Alt)

    2) The world you are applying for :

    3) Character name :
    Calcimar Veltroth

    4) Nation of Origin :

    5) Race :

    6) Age :
    100 (28 - 29)

    7) Physical Appearance :
    Silver hair, pale skin and yellow eyes. Sharp facial features with possible signs of starvation. Usually wears dark robes (Edgy, I know) with detailed tailoring as well as a chainmail undershirt. He's also considerably tall, around 2 meters. ( )

    8) Personal Traits :
    Lawful Evil - he has a lust to rule and shape the world to his liking with nothing but contempt of anyone he doesn't deem worthy of his respect. He will also act in accordance to a strict set of honour-rules and will only respect authority that he recognises as capable and that works in accordance to his thoughts regarding capability and the reach for one's full potential. In conversations he will constantly be testing the other in order to establish them on the social rankings.

    9. Most likely pursuits :
    He will most likely either try to influence/infiltrate the established power structure or will try to create an establishment of his own that follows his ideals. Probably will also dabble in magic in search of a way to aid his cause.

    10. Your character’s biography :

    In the dark alleys of Thariss, the rules of the streets were downright darwinian and to survive, people were willing to do just about anything to further their own status. The Veltroth family was once upon a time a name that was commonly mentioned among the well off upper class in the city's fancier districts, but who had with every generation been more and more lost to obscurity and eventually the descendants of the family would find themselves further and further down the social ladder.
    It is close to the bottom of the social ladder that we find Calcimar's father Celcimbor, who lived a rugged life among the poorest folk in the city's rat-infested underbelly. He managed, through manipulation and the destruction of many others ambitions of a better life, to make a life for himself as a ruthless guard and warden who would constantly have the beggars and the poor do his dirty work to further his personal goal: usurping one business after another until he had eventually turned himself into the virtual owner of the poor districts of the city. When this was achieved, he lived in a rundown manor with many servants who followed his every whim.

    Among the servants he found himself a wife, who would bare him a child. After Calcimor was born, his mother was sent away, back into the streets. His father raised him alone and would escalate his extortious rent-rates to be able to give Calcimor a good education, he even got the chance to learn swordsmanship from the other wardens as well as arcane knowledge from a once highly respected mage turned drunkard1. The people of the district feared and respected his father and this would influence Calcimor's personality to say the least. From an early age he would take joy in forcing the kids with weaker will to submit their last pennies to him. This behaviour would in most cases be shunned by parents but Calcimbor encouraged his son to keep asserting his dominance over the "worthless".

    Calcimor became a learned man among fools and this would help him tremendously as he too made a reputation for himself as being more reasonable than his father, who would bully anyone he saw as beneath him. For he surrounded himself with what he considered were the strongest willed individuals that, in his mind would be useful tools in furthering his own agenda, him even giving "lower" people an opportunity was enough for him to be seen as somewhat of a "benevolent god" character.

    When Calcimor was around 71 years old, his father had tried to climb further in the social ladder but in his attempt of going to extravagant parties and the like, he soon found himself in debt. Calcimor stepped up and helped his father, as he had grown quite wealthy on his own through his protection based extortion of the "unworthy". Calcimor saw it as his duty to aid his father, in respect of having turned him into the man he is but both him and his father knew that any business related respect that Calcimor had in regards of his father was lost and that Calcimbor would have to take his "rightful" place as beneath his son in the social ladder.

    Calcimor now found himself as the head of the Veltroth family and in charge of an organisation that was racking in more money and power than he'd ever seen. Calcimor was more patient than his father and he went for a more gradual approach in his journey into the world of the more respectable folk. It didn't take long though until he had established a reputation among the middle classes as well and had moved his extortious practises to the squares and streets he once looked up upon as if they were gold-rimmed marble roads. His seemingly rapid growth catched the eyes of one of the upper class families, who then chose to attempt a takeover of his organisation. When they approached him about this they came with the message that they'd marry off the fourth daughter of the head of their house to him, and that he'd in return take their name and give away the administrative rights to his organisation to a new "team" of their choice. Calcimor was offended by this offer, not because they wanted to take away his hard built labour but because they'd marry him off to a fourth daughter, as if they thought that it would be the peak of his possible achievements.
    He declined this offer and instead suggested a business proposal where he'd be providing the family with coin in return of him being able to use their contacts in the upper middle, and upper classes.

    Behind the back of the family, he started gaining followers and allies within their organisation and was eventually able to execute a plan where the allies he had gained started going rogue and instead of paying the family, paid Calcimor. When the head of the family confronted him, he managed to draw quite a crowd to one of the squares to witness the coming event. The head of the family was a middle-age male who dressed in ridiculously pompous clothing, something that surely would give the crowd the impression that this was a true nobleman. Calcimor came in a more modest outfit, dawning black robes with a charcoal treated chainmail underneath. He had put on his father's warden outfit and this reminded the crowd of Calcimor's, at this point famous, rise from the bottom. Calcimor then proceeded to challenge the now ridiculed noble to a duel that would serve as settlement for this struggle. The noble, under pressure from both the staring crowd and the vultures within his own house, who would -if given the chance, stab him in the back at any sign of weakness had no choice but to accept the duel.

    Calcimor knew that he had broken the noble as he'd forced him into making a "lowborn" into a equal advissary and that no matter what, the fear and respect he had going for him would now be able to be challenged by whomever felt like it. On that day, Calcimor drew his sword for the first time since his training that his father put him through and on that day, the fall of one noblehouse became the rise of another.

    The duel was seemingly over in a couple of seconds with Calcimor dodging a heavy blow from the nobleman and subsequently disarmed the noble, who was now at the mercy of Calcimor. "Go on then! End me, we both know I'm done!" the nobleman shouted, but Calcimor knew better, he instead pushed him down into a muddy puddle and gave the man a chance to take to arms again. The nobleman, now with tears in his eyes roared enraged as he in one sweep grabbed the sword and swung it at Calcimor, who just as easily as last time just dodged it. This time Calcimor let his blade pierce the neck of the nobleman, who subsequently fell dead on the ground. The crowd cheering and chanting turned soon into a mob who in a mayhem chased after the remaining members of the noble's house, and who knows what they did to them.

    From that day on, Calcimor and the Veltroth's lived a comfortable life, "justly" ruling the streets from their newly gained mansion in the upper districts.
    Where will the tides of the cataclysm take Calcimor? Only the gods know.

    - Second section -
    Metagaming: Using information obtained OOC in IC situations.
    Powergaming: Putting the IC circumstances aside and going for OOC goals (Gold/XP farming a.s.o)
    Can first time bios be of Chaotic or Evil alignment? : No.
    What are the guidelines on swearing on the server? : If everyone online is okay with it and don't be too excessive with it. Same goes for IC.
    What are the rules on Religious discussion on the server: Don't. Same goes for politics.
    What races are available to players? : Human, Elf, Orc, Half-Orc, Goblin & Calcupech . (No cats)
    Is Grinding allowed? : Nay.
    What are the rules on plagiarizing copyrighted characters ? : Don't.
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