Character Age Chart

Jul 17, 2016
Character Age Chart
  • Dawn Fire Realms Age Chart
    This chart highlights what the equivalent age for any given race in our lore is compared to our normal Earth Human ages. To clarify the age system we here at DawnFire Realms use is somewhat complex. All sentient living creatures have unique life spans, including humans which often live up to 204 years of age; however, those ages corellate to a respective Earth Human age.

    So let's say you want to make a 24 year old Male Human. In DFR age that would mean you are making a 47 year old male Human. A 47 year old male Human on our servers will have the same maturity and overall growth as a 24 year old.

    The same stands for children. Let's say you are writing your bio and want to talk about when your character was effectively 5 years old - in Earth Human years. You'd say, "When my character was 10 years of age he ...". As you can see a 10 year old DFR Human is equal in maturity and physical growth to a 5 year old Earth Human child. This is important to keep in mind when creating your character.

    If the below image is unclear for you, there is a full version of this chart available here.

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