Clan of Embers

May 29, 2016
Clan of Embers
  • The Clan of Embers

    "Fire was the tool Kylorin used to cleanse the rot from Patria, for Bhall had given her righteous followers gifts to rival those sorcerous powers gained first from Ceridwen. The passionate fire goddess was a force for good. Those who loved Justice and Mercy could use her power to counter the wicked mages Kylorin had trained. But she fell to the wily whispers of Agares, God of Despair, raining fire on the just and unjust alike in a terrible day heralding the end of the Age of Magic. Once devout men of many nations, the orcs were transformed, cursed and enraged when Bhall fell. The Holy City of Braduk had the goddess pass through as she fell from the Heavens, taking many of those who loved goodness and trapping them in Hell. Half the city was rendered a flaming pit, but those people who remained, in touch with the fiery spirit of Bhall, were twisted into the orcs. Mulcarn, Bhall's former Nemesis, took this chance to claim dominion over Erebus, and the orcs, along with the rest of the world, were ushered into The Age of Ice.
    They survived, huddled around the fires of Braduk the Burning, and developed barbarous rituals and a savage warrior culture, raiding struggling Human settlements. The holy sceptre of the High Priest of Bhall was affixed with a brutal axe head by the Orc warlord Orthus, and many nascent tribes fell to its power. One people stood up to the orcs, though. Those who had been taken to Hell with Bhall were freed by Sabathiel, the Archangel of Junil late in The Age of Ice, as Mulcarn's contest with Kylorin drew near. These battle-hardened warriors were a true test for the savage orcs, but the orcs were too numerous for the Bannor to defeat, living in the relative luxury amidst the fires of Braduk. Jonas was a fierce warlord of great renown among the orcs, who resented being subordinate to the matriarchal priest-hood of Bhall. He staged a coup against the High Priestess, but Bhall took notice of her people again, and humbled Jonas, making him her priest. Captured as a babe, the Orc Sheelba was raised among the Bannor as a Human girl but was spurned and taken in by the Orc clans, united under Jonas' Ember banner. Her insights into civilisation have to potential to allow these clans to rise above the petty barbarous Orc tribes led by the likes of Orthus, even as their sheer strength and Jonas' cunning allows them to tear down the Human civilisations."
    (Pages 39-40, FfHII Compendium)

    Key Points:
    - United clans of Orcs. Defends the shrine of Bhall. Long standing enemies of the Bannor nation and seen as the stereotypical raiding and pillaging nation.

    - When Bhall fell from heaven due to his evil corruption of the other angels, his devoted followers paid the price, becoming horribly deformed versions of their old selves. These people became the first orcs. Due to their tendency towards being great warriors fighting the followers of Mulcarn prior to The Age of Ice, they naturally gravitated to a society largely run by war lords and raiding nearby villages for sustenance.

    - While orcs are not inherently evil, they tend to be more on the destructive side. They vary from reasonably religious to zealot. The zealots tend to join the Ashen Veil with time, and oppose The Order and the much hated nation of Bannor.

    - The characteristics of orcs vary much the same way as in humans. Many tend to have dark, almost grey skin, while others might have lighter skin, almost a blue hue. Eye colour varies, with the colour red being popular for its intimidating look.
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