Forum Tips - Changing Your Icon

Jan 23, 2015
Forum Tips - Changing Your Icon
  • Here's a short tutorial on how to change your Profile Icon on the DFR Forums. This icon can be seen whenever someone views your Profile Page, and also when you post on the forums.

    1. Hover your mouse cursor over your username in the top-left hand corner of the screen. A Drop Down Menu should appear.

    2. Click on "Personal Details" on the Drop Down Menu.

    3. Now you will see your "Personal Details" tab on the forums. Click on the picture with the head and shoulders on it.

    4. Press the "Browse..." button to search through your system files for a suitable avatar.

    5. Once you have found an avatar on your system files, double click it. This should then take you back to the previous screen, but instead of a picture of a head and shoulders, you should see your avatar!

    6. If you are happy with that avatar, press the "Okay" button in the bottom right of that box, and it will save your avatar.

    And there you have it, have fun posting on the forums with your shiny new avatar!

    - Please note that the recommended size for your profile picture should be at least 200x200 pixels!
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