Forum Tips - Changing Your Password

Jan 23, 2015
Forum Tips - Changing Your Password
  • Here's a short tutorial on how to Change Your Password on the DFR Forums, keeping your account safe from anyone who might want to give you a bad name. It's very simple to do, in fact, it's only a couple of clicks away from this very page!

    1. Hover your mouse cursor over your username in the top-left hand corner of the screen. A Drop Down Menu should appear.

    2. Click on "Password" on the Drop Down Menu.

    3. This should take you to a webpage with a few text boxes situated in the middle. First, click on the text box labelled "Your Existing Password." And type in your existing password.

    4. After typing in your password, in the text box below, type the syntax you would like to change your password to.

    5. After that, click on the text box below that, and retype the same password into this box. This is to confirm the password, and to make sure that you didn't mistype it the first time.

    6. Press the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen, and your password will be changed. Make sure to write it down somewhere secret, or try to remember it of by heart before logging off!

    - We ask you to type your current password in to prevent other people from being able to change your password without your permission.
    -Make sure to create a password that is hard to guess. "password" is not a good password, but if you use capital Letters and numbers... "pA5sw0Rd" it will make your password harder to guess.
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