Forum Tips - The "Forum" Tab

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Apr 24, 2015
Forum Tips - The "Forum" Tab
  • So here's a few tips and tricks that you may not have known about the "Forum" Tab. Also a few basic pointers that newer players may find useful.

    So, why do we have a Forum?
    Admins and players alike use the forum to communicate. Perhaps one person is away from home, but still has mobile data on their mobile phone, they can still communicate with other members of the community by logging into the forums. The forum is also a great way for admins to publish News and Announcements for all the players to see.

    Who Moderates the Forums?
    Our team of Admins moderate the forum posts, although server moderators keep an eye on newly posted threads and can warn players if they step over the "Line." The admin team are:

    - DukeofRealms
    - AlteOgre
    - TEKAA

    I have an opinion! How can I create my own thread?
    To create your own thread first click on the subject you think would most describe your point. For example, I would like to post a thread about my new town that I set up, advertising it IC to other characters. I would need to post this thread in "Town Politics."

    After choosing the subject you would like to post your thread in, click the button in the top right of the list of other threads labelled "Post New Thread." This will take you to an editor. Now right down what you would like to say in your thread and label it with a sensible title. In my example, I would title my thread "Town - Tal Thoron." and write something along the lines of "Lythwayl welcomes all to Tal Thoron!" When you're done, simply click "Create Thread" and your thread will be posted.

    I really like this post, how do I show my appreciation?

    You will see three tabs in the bottom right hand corner of almost every post. One of these buttons is a "Like" button. Simply click this button, and you will "Like" the post. This "Like" will show up on the users "Notifications" tab when they next login to the website. Other people who liked the post will also show up underneath the post.

    How can I quote a post that I am replying to?
    To reply to a specific post, you should probably quote the post you are replying to. In the bottom right corner of almost every post are three buttons. One of these buttons is a "Reply" button. Clicking this button scroll you to the bottom of the page to an editor. You will see a quote of the post, and you will be able to speak about in the editor underneath it. This will also show up on the user's "Notifications" tab when they next log on.

    Okay, I need someone's attention in this Topic. How can I summon them?
    To "Mention" someone, simply write their name somewhere on the post, with an "@" symbol in front of it. For example, If I wanted to contact AlteOgre, i'd write "@AlteOgre" somewhere in my post! Just like that one social network... I forget the name...
    This "Mention" will show up in the person you have "Mentioned's" notifications tab. So whenever they next log on they'll know to check out your forum post.

    This is kinda private, is there a "Direct Messaging" Service?
    Indeed there is! You can "Direct Message" or, "DM" or... "PM" someone by simply starting a conversation with them. Conversations are covered more in depth here.

    There's so many tools! How am I ever going to learn how to use them?
    Never Fear! Spud is here! There's an in depth Wiki Page that can be found here to teach you all you need to know about formatting your posts.


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    By: Spudster2k
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