Forum TIps - The "Map"

Jul 17, 2016
Forum TIps - The "Map"
  • "Keep exploring the map." - Age of Empires II

    Lost in the somewhat massive terrain of Somnium? Wandering around looking for a city that seems to be non existent? Well, here's a few short tips about the "Map" Tab on the DFR Forums.

    First of all, the map can be found here.

    You can also find it on the "Navigation Bar" near the top of the screen.

    So, on with the Tips and Tricks!

    1. The time in the world you are currently viewing is shown at the top of the map. This shows the position of the sun and the moon also.

    2. A compass is shown in the top right hand corner of the screen... This is pretty self explanatory.

    3. The "Location" box to the left of the map will tell you the co ordinates of the position of your mouse cursor in the world. This is useful for mapping out directions.

    4. Red areas on the map are towns and cities. Most are owned by the players, apart from Astarte, the city in which you first spawn in.

    5. The "+" and "-" buttons in the top left-hand corner of the map are used to zoom in and out of the map. You can also use your scroll wheel.

    6. To move around the map, hold down left click on any position on the map, and drag.

    7. You can make the map somewhat 3D! Move your cursor to the right of the map, and a menu should appear. Click on the cube shape under the world that you're in, and you'll see a 3D version!

    8. This menu also acts as a hub for all of the maps. click on any of the maps shown to view it.

    - This page is sometimes down. It is only ever down temporarily, so try again later before notifying anyone.
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