Forum Tips - The Navigation Bar

Jan 23, 2015
Forum Tips - The Navigation Bar
  • We all use the Navigation Bar for something on the forums, whether we want to vote, post on the forums, check server updates, or find the Lore Compendium, the navigation bar is an easy way to get to where we want, quickly. This tutorial will explain all there is to know about the navigation bar on the DFR Forums.

    The "Home" Tab:
    The Home Tab is the first page you will see upon typing into your browser. The majority of the page is taken up by Server Announcements and Updates. To the right-hand side of the webpage, there are several widgets.

    - The Server Status, showing who is online on the server. Note that it is not in Real-Time.
    - Members that are online on the forum currently.
    - Recent Status Updates. Read more about updating your Status here.
    - Ways to share the website by Social Media.
    - Forum Statistics. This shows the amount of members, discussions and messages.

    The "Forum" Tab:
    The forum tab is the main use of the website. You can use it to keep in touch with your fellow players, and to help make decisions on what to do next on the server. The Forum is also home of the biographies of all of your Characters in-game. There are many other things you can post on the Forum tab also.

    The "DFR Wiki":
    You're currently looking at a page in the DFR Wiki, and there are many like it. Feel free to read up on your favourite Lore. You can post a new Wiki page in the Sub-Bar, underneath the main navigation bar, using the "Create New Page" button. This will take you into a text-editor, so you can create tutorials, like this one and many others, to help your fellow players with whatever your chosen subject is. You can find all of the Wiki Pages by clicking on the "Page List" Button on the Sub-Bar, and you can find out the recent activity on when if you click on the "Recent Activity" Button.

    PLEASE NOTE: This Wiki Page is Still Very Much Under Construction!
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