Forum Tips - Writing Your Signature

Jan 23, 2015
Forum Tips - Writing Your Signature
  • Here's a short tutorial on how to create a Signature on the DFR Forums. This signature will be displayed under every post you create on the DFR Forums. It will also be seen under any post you make in a private conversation.

    1. Hover your mouse cursor over your username in the top-left hand corner of the screen. A Drop Down Menu should appear.

    2. Click on "Signature" on the Drop Down Menu.

    3. A text box will be displayed in the centre of the screen. Click anywhere inside the text box.

    4. Begin typing up your Signature! Feel free to change the colour, size, and alignment using the toolbar above the textbox. More information on these tools can be found here.

    5. After you've typed up your signature, you can click on the "Preview..." tab to preview your signature in all of it's glory, or press "Save Changes" to save your signature.

    6. Now you should see a confirmation appear at the top of the screen stating "Your Changes Have Been Saved." Now, your shiny new signature will appear under all of your previous posts, and the posts that you create in the future.

    - There doesn't look to be a limit on how many characters can be included in a signature, but be sensible.
    - Don't write any ractist, sexist, or altogether offensive comments in your signature.
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