Jul 17, 2016
  • Part I: Setting the Scene.
    Before any player attempts to kidnap another player, they must first:
    - Contact a Seraph for approval.
    - Make sure that their reasoning for carrying it out is valid with a Staff member.
    - Have a cage, or similar close by for containment of the subject upon Knock-out.

    Part II: Carrying it Out.
    - To kidnap a someone, the player must first Knock-out the subject. For info on this, Look here.
    - Once the player is Knocked-out, the kidnapper must state what is happening. For Example:
    *Ties hands and feet with chains and gags.*
    - The Kidnapper must now move the body of the player to the containment unit.
    - All of this should be done within the 5 minutes Knock-out timer.

    Part III: Aftermath.
    - Once the player is inside the cage or cell, long-range transport or questioning can begin.
    - The player can only sit and wait now, or, if the kidnapper allows it, can continue OOC work.

    Part IV: Useful Notes.
    - If your feet are tied or bound, you cannot move.
    - If you are tied to an object, you cannot move.
    - If your hands are bound. You cannot equip or break anything.
    - If you are gagged, you cannot speak IC. Although you may speak OOC.
    - If the 5 minute Knock-out timer runs out and you are not bound by anything, feel free to run away!
    - Do not use exploits/bugs to get out of a cell or cage.
    - The Kidnapper does not need to publicly state his reasoning, as it should have been cleared with a member of Staff.
    - You cannot hold a character in a cage for any longer than one real-life day.


    We ask that you carry all kidnapping out under the watchful eye of a Staff member, as things can, and usually do go wrong!

    If there's anything else that I've missed, feel free to mention it.

    Thank you all,
    The DawnFire Realms Staff Team
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