Somnium Rules

Jul 27, 2016
Somnium Rules
  • Hi There! Welcome to DawnFire Realms.
    This page is designed to inform you about the rules we use on the server.

    Be warned, this is a development server!
    This means that every few months you can expect some great and awesome updates! Sometimes things go wrong though :(, but rest assured we work hard to make sure you all have the best experiences!

    This is a Roleplay Server!
    All players should attempt to create a bio so that all players can have the fullest experience while playing. If you need help in constructing your Bio, please do not hesitate to contact FezDodger, SaignementsRose, or DeanQueen for help.


    1. Be respectful in your communication and act ethical to all, in any OOC (out-of-character) situation.
    2. Cursing is not allowed in Global Chat.
    3. Don't spam, nag or whine and avoid CAPITAL Letters.
    4. Don't advertise for other servers.
    5. There are several different Chat Channels, and should be used appropriately.
    - /h: Help Chat, Use this to ask for or offer help.
    - /c: Basic Chat Channel, talk about what you're having for dinner tonight!
    - /l: Local Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP.
    - /sh: Shout Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP.
    - /w: Whisper Chat, IC channel that you should use in RP.
    - /tc: Town Chat, Used to communicate with other people living in your town.
    - /nc: Nation Chat, Used to communicate with other people living in your town.
    6. When having a conversation with another player, use /msg [PlayerName].
    7. You cannot stream here without the consent of all players and the owner of the server.
    8. Do not under any circumstances engage in any political or religious conversations. It is okay to have different view points, but to express them can get people riled up and we wouldn't want that.
    9. Do not link or mention any inappropriate material in chat (this includes pornography and other strange business).

    1. Be Sensible. Your character is not a god.
    2. Consider the needs of the other people you are roleplaying with.
    3. Minimal swearing is allowed IC.
    4. Your Character must be a race listed on the server. NO CATS.
    5. Characters are Immortal* on Somnium.
    6. Don't take roleplay situations personally, it's roleplay!
    7. Don't be hasty with your reactions as other payers need time to react when roleplaying.
    8. IC Relatives are allowed.
    9. You cannot use characters from other media due to copyright. (eg GoT, LoTR etc)
    10. You cannot give characters items that you haven't met in-character.
    11. You cannot have a nether portal at your home or anywhere other than spawn, where there is already a nether portal for everyone to use. There is only one nether portal allowed for the entire world, it is at spawn.
    12. Do not kill people OOC, this is frowned upon and may be punishable.
    13. Without an approved bio, you cannot PvP or do any major RP.

    Always keep in mind what your character has learned about his environment and the people he/she met/meets. It may even be helpful to keep track of this IC information with a text file summarising each encounter!

    1. ERP is not allowed. We do not wish to make the server 18+ only.
    2. Any interactions bordering on Sexual shall be played by a "Fade to Black."
    3. Pregnancy is not permitted and does not happen on Somnium.
    4. Maiming is not allowed.
    5. Torture can take place, but no maiming can be done.
    6. Players of Viscount and above must have a suitable skin for Roleplay.
    7. Magic comes from BOTH the hands AND the mouth.
    8. There are no recreational drugs on Somnium.
    9. Injuries seem less severe on this world, and heal much quicker in comparison to Erebus.
    10. In order to join a town, you must have a character biography, this is because joining a town must be done via roleplaying

    Griefing & PvP:
    1. Don't grief unless it has an obvious roleplay purpose.
    - This purpose must be communicated with a Staff member beforehand.
    2. Placing Lava or water without clear purpose is also considered griefing.
    3. Build stuff that would logically exist in the world.
    4. PvP is to be arranged before with a Staff member and they will choose whether the RP warrants the death.
    5. You may not claim Villages.
    6. Do not exploit Villagers.
    7. Do not grind EXP.
    8. Please build a reasonable distance away from spawn (A good starting number is 1000)
    9. Don't kill folks out of character, its not nice.
    10. 5zig mod is not allowed, it gives unfair advantages


    Please be aware that Staff Members reserve the right to edit or add more rules to the rule-set at any time, so check this page for changes regularly.

    Please also see this other old rules that still apply:
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