Oct 17, 2017
  • We have a team of staff who work around the clock to make sure you have the best DawnFire Realms experience you can possibly have. You can find a list of active staff below! We also have a bunch of staff groups that you can go to about specific things about the server. From Events Organisers to the Community Managers.


    Staff Roster (Last Edit: 10/17/2017)

    These members of staff are mostly chat mods. They moderate the chat, and make sure people do not get out of line. Aides take care of the little things, but are integral to the staff team.
    - MinerBlue
    - Prenumbra

    Builders are pretty self-explanatory. They make sure that the custom biomes that appear in-game and the Event structures are as awesome as can be.
    - MasterSlimFat
    - TNTCtrm
    - Niphredi1

    If you have a problem with someone, go find a guardian. They're here to make sure you have a great time playing, and have a few more powers than Aides.
    - Jarpixx
    - TNTCtrm

    Seraphs are the admins of the server. They take care of many pressing issues, alongside bringing you frequent updates like new classes and races to play as. Approach them if you have a large issue that is important to the safety of the server.

    - DeanQueen
    - Icebound_Fusion
    - BeenStock
    - Spuddylicious

    Team Leaders
    Events Team:
    Lead - Icebound_Fusion
    Members - TNTCtrm, Jarpixx, DeanQueen

    These guys prepare our event ideas/concepts, get things ready for them like relaying instructions to the build team on what they might need as far as structures go. Not everyone on the event team is responsible for planning the events as that is typically the job of M-Event/S-Event. Event team members may also be required to play the roles of event characters.

    Vesperus Build Team:
    Lead - TNTCtrm
    Members - MasterSlimFat, Niphredi1
    These guys are our build team, they help build the custom biomes and amazing structures that you might find in dungeons or on the overworld. They're responsible for decorating interiors, building complex structures, and preparing areas for events (when needed).

    Bio Approval / Lore Team:
    Lead - DeanQueen
    Members - DeanQueen, TNTCtrm, Icebound_Fusion, BeenStock, Spuddylicious

    These guys are responsible for approving bios (and only them). They know the heart of our lore as well as any history text book and can answer any complex questions you might have for them. They ensure character bios meet our rigorous standards in terms of lore and quality.

    Development Team:
    Lead - Icebound_Fusion
    Members - Spuddylicious

    These guys are our development team, responsible for testing/configuration/development.

    Community Management:
    Lead - Spudster2k, BeenStock
    Members - DeanQueen,

    These guys are responsible for the community. If you have an issue, then you should go see them! They'll also be the main face of the server, providing you all with update information and Outlooks.

    Forum Staff:
    Lead - DeanQueen
    Members - The collective Seraphim

    These guys are our forum moderators, responsible for getting rid of spam, locking threads, etc. Also requires special website permissions.

    Moderation Team:
    Lead - BeenStock, DeanQueen
    Members - Jarpixx, MinerBlue, Prenumbra

    These guys are our in-game moderators, responsible for making sure chat/RP is running smoothly and efficiently.

    Wiki Team:
    Lead - Spudster2k
    Members - DeanQueen
    These guys run the wiki and actively contribute to it, this requires special website permissions.

    Human Resources:
    Lead - Spudster2k
    Members - Spudster2k, DeanQueen, Icebound_Fusion, BeenStock
    Manages the staff and staff intake on the server. As well as scouting for possible new staff members.
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