Apr 23, 2016
  • The Svartalfar

    "During the Age of Magic, the elves were ruled by two separate courts. The Seelie court (the fairer and more spiritual) ruled during the spring and summer, and the Unseelie court (the more arcane and malevolent) ruled during the autumn and winter. When Sucellus died, the elven prayers went unanswered. Because the Unseelie court was in power when it happened, they decreed that the elven deity was gone and that Esus would be adopted in his place. Normally, the Seelie court would wait for spring and then reverse the ruling, but spring never came as The Age of Ice began. The Unseelie court saw this as a symbol of their dominance and began to punish elves that refused to stop worshipping Sucellus. This caused a bloody civil war within the elven nation during a time when their numbers were already hard-hit. The Age of Ice eventually stopped the war as bands were separated by expanses they couldn't cross. Now that The Age of Ice is over, they are free to reach out and begin their war anew."
    (Page 280, FfHII Compendium)

    Key Points:

    - These are the Elves of the Winter court. Generally perceived as the "evil"elves of Erebus, these were the group of elves who followed Mulcurn as zealots. Their place in The Age of Ice was significantly better than the other nations due to their worship However Mulcurn still held them In contempt.

    - Generally of similar mind as the Illians, the Svartalfar look to resurrect their lost god, however since the end of The Age of Ice they have been in near constant war with the Summer court, leading them to have little impact on the attempt.

    - From this war, we see a distinct divergence in character from the old ways of the elves. Now many are forced to take the profession of their parents or take up the security of their towns in defence at a young age, leading to a much stronger society. The Winter elves tend to be tall and have long life spans, but where summer elves have tanned skin, they have fair skin, where the summer elves have blond and brown hair, they have nearly stark white or grey.

    - There is a tendency for magic among the elves of the winter court, affinity for nature stretching back to their days when both courts were one great nation.
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